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And sometimes the world just needs to keep spinning in order for us to stop and wonder why it does.
It’s not a tricky concept to understand.
In fact, it’s not that hard to fathom at all.
We were just meant to breathe and believe.
To imagine and conceive.
The vestals of sobriety ring clarity through my waking ears.
My heart skips in Rhytmn and flutters in fanciful ways I could never describe in person.
These are the things that keep me walking onwards.
These are the things that enrich and enlighten myself and my wandering mind.
It’s a calculation of unsurmountable stars and galactic tributaries, all flowing through the cosmic delta of time and space.
Only to drift effortlessly back to the place where this all began.
That exact moment when conceiving became conception.
When inhaling became exhaustion.
Where two ends meet, only to bring about the birth of a new beginning.
My time isn’t expiring. It isn’t flailing or faltering about.
It’s simply maturing; and waiting.
Just timing itself perfectly, until that moment comes again where the culminition of my thoughts and my actions become reality.
When my dreams no longer linger lightlessly above my mind’s eye.
That exact instant where I’m no longer captive to these feelings and fears of rejection.
It’s a new millenium of jubilee.
A joyous celebration of what’s to come.
The darkness is being erased by the awakening of a new dawn.
A dawn that has not since the beginning of time been as perfect and bright.
Its’ light shines from all corners of the heavens, bowing down upon earth and the galaxies that may be.
It’s being lived.
It’s being loved.
It’s being born.
It’s being enough.
It’s always been enough.
It’s all we’ll ever have.
It’s that connection between you and I that we share outside of material things.
It’s that connecting fiber that links us forever. No matter who we may be.
I am alive. I am awake.
I am precious. I am safe.
I am me. And will for all of time be this way.
So who are you? What do you have to say?
Speak, dear child.
Open those red rosed lips.
Tell me what’s on your mind, I assure you it can’t be that distant or differnet than what I feel inside.
Open your eyes, let go of your mind.
The troubles you suffer will all be left behind.
Just let go, and give in.
This life is yet to begin.
-Amp! Harper


Hope Ends Dreams … For Some (Revise)

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This rush, this ride.
This moment, this life.
I own it, and it owns me.
I believe in it, and it believes in me.
We are one in the same, we are the same ones among those millions who disbelieve.
We’ll all get along, one way or another.
But they’ll never be quite as satisfied.
Nope they’ll never be quite contrite.
For I was bold where others were merely bland.
I worked a conspiracy into a masterpie.
While the others, they twined a conflict into a masquerade.
But I am midnights’ bluff.
I am mornings billowing huff.
I am cool green leaves breathing with each breathing breeze.
I am outstandingly obscure and preposterously absurd.
Still – I am imperfect.
I am far from lost.
Although misguided, my direction is due North.
To my mothers bosom.
My mothers wise and saving grace.
And I am coming home tonight, mother – won’t you set a place at the table for me.
I am coming home tonight, mother – but you’ll never understand what I’ve seen.
Still – I can’t wait to tell you the tale of my travels; and to describe to you where I’ve been.
I’ve lived a life that few would ever come close to fathoming, and still even fewer would ever try and believe.
I mastered this soul plain and simple; and it’s merely because I dared against the extreme.

The Here & Now

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The road ahead is indescribably uncertain.
The tasks at hand are surely able to test your abilities.
Don’t panic about the present.
Just make it as positive as you can.
You can go the distance.
Your life will be over in an instant if you don’t.
The time spent worrying about what’s to come is going to find its way into your mind.
You only need to decipher what is necessary and what is valuable.
The discretion you adhere to will see you through it all.
Just keep your head up and press onward down this road.
Cause something to happen.
Make your life worthwhile.
Put an effort into your existence.
Cherish the here, and adore the now.
Think deeply about what is going on and try to make it better.
Press onward.
Hold steady.
And be the dream you wish to fulfill.
Always keep that with you.
Always better yourself.
And never let what doesn’t kill you keep you down.
This lesson is impervious to thought.
This life is worth living.
Wake up each day and be grateful.
Be thankful.
Be true, and spread peace.

Little Things

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It’s these little things that get to me.
It’s these little things that matter.
It’s these little things that grind my gears.
It’s these little things that matter.
It’s these little things that have gotten me through this.
It’s these little things that bring smiles and laughter.
It’s the little things that I’ve come to adore, because it’s the little things that seem to matter.
It’s the simplest of all complexities and confusion; but it’s the hardest thing to fathom.
I’ve spent years, upon years, upon years trying to understand, that it’s the little things that should matter.
If not for them, then who would bring joy and enlightenment to my eyes?
If it weren’t for these little things, I’d ignore the beauty in this life.
Shielding from my lonely eyes everything around me that actually mattered.
It takes a lot to stop and listen for their calling.
They speak in soft tongues too faint to even bring up a clatter.
To quiet your heart offers no sense of heightened intelligence, rather it instills pure blessings and humble manners.
If you settle down and silence your mind you’ll observe that it’s the little things that matter.
In the end they won’t be there, no, they won’t even be in existence in all the universes’ matter.
Forget me not, dear friends, forget me never.
Don’t you dare say that it’s ridiculous to assume, but trust me; after all, it’s the little things that matter.
They were there when we were young, yet absent when adulthood we sought.
They were everything that needed to be, they were our every memory and thought.
We shouted into the sky hoping clouds would rain down these tiny little things.
These tiny doses of enlightening matter, and these tiny keep-sake things.
So, in a sense we’re oblivious, and still we have a knowledge so unpronounced.
Innumerable opportunity allows us to weigh anything we wish to its exact pound and ounce.
But despite our efforts, and forgo our tries and tribulations.
Excuse our pursuit of happiness, but don’t discredit our honest attempts and position.
We simply sought the rights to claim our prize, and we searched forever only to find.
That it wasn’t these things, nor was it their mass nor size.
The littlest of things doesn’t matter at all.
What really matters, is what we hold inside.
Our hearts are timeless, our souls are immaculate, our conscious is impeccable, and our body’s are unique.
Somehow we lost sight of the truth, yes, the very reason why we wept.
For once we had the life of eternity, and now it ceases to beget.
These little things are pure expressions of humanity, and indicate human-kind at his best.
Lest we remember the littlest of these things, the lest we forget.
The more we seek these things that never left us to start, the farther we become to setting us entirely apart.
Displacement is our downfall, diversity is our manipulated rulebook.
We discriminate against everything that isn’t fair, and we expect none to judge what they can’t respect.
So sad and pointless it all has become.
It was over before it ended and it ended before it begun.
Ridiculous and rude.
We’re the last of a dying race, the last of a dumbfounded irresponsible brood.
So for now just sit tight.
Give up what isn’t political and right.
Be warned that you’re morals are corrupt.
Be determined to never give up.
Correct yourself, mend your wounds, forgive all enemies, and pretend to be immune.
This life is so damn precious, yes, it’s special and it’s blessed.
It’s the little things that make it worthwhile.
It’s these little things I like best.
From now until forever I’ll sing praise to their guidance and grace.
I’ll thank my lucky stars that I’ve found these little things to be so true.
After all, it’s these little things that make me wonder, and it’s these little things that should always have mattered.
Im only saying this because they speak so clearly to me.
They speak and whisper in so softly a song; but who I am to proclaim.
It’s the little things that’s wrong with me.
It’s these little things in my head that cause such a constant clatter.
It’s the little things, yes, these little things that matter.
That’s the answer to what’s causing all this to matter.


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The answers aren’t always clear.
The path is twisted and curvaceous in its form.
Although paved and complete, the process is undeniably steep.
We climb higher and we coast further.
We press onward and keep going.
It’s honestly the best thing to ponder.
We continually stop and think.
We step back and drink it all in.

Tale Of A Ship

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And so in a tempest of disarray the small boat found itself lost at sea.
It swirled around endlessly as the mighty waves crashed down upon it.
Capsizing was its literal sense and direction.
No guards along the coast dared to further its’ detection.
And as the waters swelled and swarmed, the tiny boat sank deeper into prayer.
As the lifeboats crumbled and crackled, and the buoys alongside began to disappear.
The sky was black with inky night, and the stars were quietly watching from afar.
Safely tucked behind the clouds in sight.
The ocean was calm everywhere but here, and the eye of the storm was ever so near.
The little ship sank, and it sank, and it sunk.
Water owned its’ vessel and hull.
Water owned everything between the void and the null.
So it doesn’t matter who once was the captain of such a great ship.
The only thing now was a burial at sea, no captain to burry, and no ship to set free.
It paid the toll of a highway so abusive and raw.
The ship that once knew endless waters of all, now played a tone-deaf siren, screeching from under a liquid wall.
And under the waves there sits a tiny ship, whose captain still at helm, still firm with mighty grip.
And the boat never made it, it sank full of cargo and glee.
The tiny ship that sank in that ocean, and that tiny little ship was an imaginative me.
And isn’t it funny, how he never made a fuss.
He never thanked his lucky stars, he never quite dealt with such great trust.
But the tempest that sank him, the foe that may always be.
Stopped and said a prayer for so frail of a ship; and the ship we once called unsinkable was now just a nautical myth.
But the sea has a mind of its own, you see.
Yes, the sea has a similar set of eyes, and a heart that continually beats.
The sea can devour anything it wishes, and yes, the sea can claim thee like a school full of fishes.
But where salt meets water, and dry land meets air, there sits an unsettled nemesis who constantly wriggles and glares.
It casts shadows on nothing and none, reflecting everything illuminated underneath the golden sun.
It never rests, it never dies, it never forgives, it never lies.
It tells the truth, and its actions are set as true destiny impregnated by Fate.
It does what it does, and it makes no mistakes.
The sea is a hostile environment, but it’ll never be fit for you or for me.
The sea is a creature all its own, and now, the sea is when’ll I’ll ever know.
I’ve made it my new home, beneath teal waves.
Reality is so much sweeter when you’re gazing endlessly upward from your murky watery grave..

Now Or Never… Endless Fate

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Bitterly ripe and sweetly expired, we all mix and match the things that inspire.
Together forever, that’s how their explanations all began.
A constant search for something.
Always sifting through the endless sands of time.
This hour glass counts every second, every minute.
The most timeless measure of time. Counting everything
It pauses, reflects, and remembers all measures of life deep, far, and wide; but falters does it never.
It’s all over and done with before it even startled its way into existence.
Owning nothing.
No, not even a memory of the past can be cherished.
So forgetting is indestructible; and dealing with it only gets better with time.
It soothes and it settles itself, and it causes its’ own miserable decline.
Backwardly going forward, and inwardly shrinking its own endless growth.
Progressing up this awkwardly non existent journey through the incline.
It has a purpose, sure, it may be somewhere out there in the divide.
But when two hearts came together as one, they divided themselves into an epic division of life.
And forever more will it ever be its original form; and never will it find what it’s looking for.
No, this battle will never be one, and it won’t ever be fine.
Sparked by giving, it lit the powder to it’s own volatile powder keg demise.
So far we’ve only discovered that this problem will always be there for us, solely to remind.
That once something starts, as endearing as this, forever more will it be stuck idly blind.
Thus we look before we leap, hoping that the ground isn’t too far beneath our feet.
And as we slowly escape the top of this mountain, so endlessly do we brace for impact.
So anxiously do we anticipate this perpetually increasing wait.
But as long as we’re falling, things don’t seem to be that bad in its’ current state.
But we’ve been falling together for endless miles of foggy, mystifying peril.
Gripping each other tightly, constantly saying, I love you, I love you, I love you…
Burning up this mindless hell of torturing debate. That we swore there’d be an end to this free-fall.
We swore we’d take anything to be together forever.
We placed our bets against and eminent fact, and would be our last decision together.
I’ll never let go of your life.
I’ll take your life with mine, even if death collects us from the finish of this moment-less essence.
If only time would feel love, we’d be forgiven; but as you know, we’re still here falling.
We’re still together.
We’re still in love.
And We’re still here alive; and I’d thought I’d never say this.
But I can see the bottom from here; and even if we make it to the bottom.
Our love will prove so true and untainted by existence; and it’ll be the one thing time ever remembered from this mess we got into.
Yes, time will finally understand what love takes.
And immortalized as two lovers so true, that no matter what, they did what only the dreamers said would take an eternity to create.
But I’m not worried.
I’m still safe,
Here in each others arms.
Here we never regret a moment.
We understand this beautiful mistake.
It isn’t anything more than two foolish hearts who gave it all up for love.
Two timeless pieces of the Puzzle we call life.
Two pieces that will set the bar of love’s ultimate sacrifice.
Two disastrously similar pieces.
Perfect replicas of polar opposites.
One body.
One mind.
I love you… I love you… I love you…
I love…
You… you’re just what I’ve looking for all along.
You’re what balances out my true forms’ completion.
You’re perfect for me.
I love you, don’t forget…
I love you…
You’ll always be mine…